Sunday, September 23, 2007

Does Anyone Else Have a Heart Around Here?

Of course the minute I got home, I called my supervisor. I was so confused; I didn't know what to believe. As much as I wanted to believe Sally, the way she spoke was always strange, and the last thing she had said left me more unsure and confused than ever.

My supervisor had no answers, as she hadn't heard from anyone. "As far as we're concerned, Mindy, he's off our records for right now," she had said. "If you want, I can place you with another child to make up your hours."

Wow, even my own supervisor didn't know me at all! It wasn't about the hours at all. I couldn't believe I had lost Ben, and in such a confusing way. I didn't even know my last session would be the last. How unfair!

As another two weeks went by, I found myself keeping in touch with Sally over the phone periodically. She was still feeding me a story that didn't add up and when I continuously asked her what was going on with her lawyers, she always had an excuse. It was either "he won't tell me what's going on," or "I haven't heard back from him." Didn't she care enough to track him down and get some answers?

During this time I also realized something very interesting -- she never seemed to wonder where Emily was; just Ben.

At the end of the month my husband and I took a vacation to Disneyworld. Though I had told Sally numerous times I would be unavailable, she still called me during that time. As much as I wanted to get away from it all (I usually do NOT -- or at least try to not bring work with me on vacation), I jumped when I saw her name on the caller ID. I always thought she would have some answers for me but of course, never did. This time, she was grilling me for answers.

"Have you heard from anyone? Your supervisor? I'm dying to know where Ben is, please can you find out?" she had asked.

"Sally, no I haven't, and did you forget I was on vacation?" I asked.

"Oh I forgot you're in Florida! I'm sorry!" was her reply.

"It's okay," I reassured.

I told her once again that I hadn't heard anything, and we'd be in touch when we got back. Only thing was -- we weren't. That was the last time I spoke to Sally.

I'm Finally Back!

Hello, all you patient bloggers out there.... I know I haven't posted in a heck of a long time, and once again I truly apologize for that. I went through a crisis in my life that prevented me from keeping up this blog, but I finally am slightly back to myself and with internet access (that was a problem for a while, as well).

Just wanted to post this so you all can see that I will (or at least try to) be posting on more of a regular basis now.

Thanks to all of you who didn't give up (hope some of you are still coming back to check!) -- and I'm looking forward to continuing to share my story (stories!) with all of you!

Next post coming soon...........

~ Psyched (is psyched to be back!) ;) sorry - I guess being away for a while has turned me slightly corny :P