Monday, March 24, 2008


I left Ben's house that last day two and a half years ago.

During my time with Ben, I worked with some other children, as well. Perhaps you will hear about some of them. After my time with Ben was up, I continued to work in the field, too.

I know many of you will be sad to hear that unfortunately, I did not keep in touch with Ben. Although I wanted to very badly, it just didn't pan out. I do still think about him all the time. If he remained in his last residence, he lives not far from me. I've often thought about just popping in for a visit but so much time has gone by; I'd just feel funny at this point.

I have met some very special children throughout the course of my work, but Ben was one of the really special ones. I will never forget him.


halfshared said...

I guess here's my answer to my ? in the last post. He probably wouldn't recognize you if you popped in now and then it would be weird- like you be all excited to see him and him not understanding why.

Bas~Melech said...

I know what you mean... there are so many times I've wanted to keep in touch with someone but just had to accept the fact that their chapter in my life is closed...